Rebekah Simon-Peter Video: Dream Like Jesus

Rebekah Simon-Peter Video: Getting Your Congregation to Dream Like Jesus

$20       55 Minutes

Rebekah Simon-Peter is passionate about reconnecting spiritual leaders with their God-given powers to co-create miracles with the divine. Her award-winning program, Creating a Culture of Renewal®, has energized church leaders across the country to reclaim their calling and to grow their ministries. Rebekah is also the author of The Jew Named Jesus, Green Church, and 7 Simple Steps to Green Your Church.

Rebekah invites you to take the next step. Lead your congregation as they come to know Jesus, and themselves, in a whole new way. It’s time to meet your own power. To discover your own birthright. To claim your own blessing. It’s time to dream like Jesus. And time to share that dream with the people you love, teach, and lead.