Anne Bosarge: Leading Your Congregation to Think in New Directions

It’s Time to Ask a New Question

Questions are at the heart of every innovation and change. They prompt us to uncover assumptions, see with new perspectives, and unveil potential we had been blind to before.

But what happens when we keep asking the same questions? We keep getting the same answers.  In today’s shifting world, it’s time to ask a new question.

Instead of asking, “How can we get the community in our church?” we might ask, “How can we get the church in our community?” Instead of asking, “How can we change other people?” we might ask, “How can we change ourselves?”

We will look at how to form powerful questions that lead us to think new thoughts and unveil new answers.

You’ll leave with a list of questions to get you started on the path toward innovation and creative leadership.


Jul 21 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm



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