Blake Bradford & Kay Kotan: Understanding the Simplified, Accountable Structure

We’ve all heard about SAS, the Simplified, Accountable Structure. But what is it? During this session, SAS experts Kay Kotan and Blake Bradford will discuss:
  • Understanding What SAS Is
  • The Three Phases
  • Important Shifts in the Model to Know
  • Most Common Mistakes in its Practice to Avoid
During this one-hour session, Kay and Blake will focus on ministry while making meetings fewer in number but larger in meaning. In this session, aimed at clergy and  congregational leaders, particularly United Methodists, the authors provide practical, tested steps to simplify your church structure and unleash more people into ministry.
Too often churches try to simplify their structures by just having fewer people at the meeting table. But real simplification and accountable leadership means that meetings – and leaders – are transformed. Kay and Blake walk you through both the technical and adaptive changes to simplify your structure for missional effectiveness.



Oct 14 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm



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  • Blake Bradford
  • Kay Kotan
    Kay Kotan

    Kay Kotan is a professionally credentialed coach who has coached hundreds of pastors and churches across the nation, helping them become more vital in reaching new people. She has authored more than a dozen books on church and leadership transformation. Kotan was the primary creator of the Small Church Initiative under the HCI process.