Kay Kotan and Jason Stanley: An Effective Approach to Cooperative Parishes

Kay Kotan and Jason Stanley offer a roadmap for discernment and implementation for congregations to cooperate strategically and creatively to make a bigger Kingdom impact. You will be challenged, directed, and even coached during this fast hour.

The cooperative parish concept has been knocked around in the United Methodist Book of Discipline and annual conference staff organizational charts for decades. And yet few congregations have seen fit to actually live into the possibilities of sharing ministry intentionally. Sure, churches may begrudgingly share a pastor when a district superintendent comes in for consultation and asks nicely. But, the powerful impact of intentional regional ministry represented in the cooperative parish model is so much more than just operating as a charge for the clergy appointment-making purposes.

A few of the topics Kay and Jason will touch on include:

  • Discernment of Cooperation

  • Cooperating Through Shared Vision

  • Cooperating Through Ministry

  • Cooperating Through Resources

  • Cooperating Through Strategic Alignment

  • Cooperating Through Judicatory Plinth

Bring two pens. You’ll need them.


Feb 07 2023


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm



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  • Kay Kotan
    Kay Kotan

    Kay Kotan is a professionally credentialed coach who has coached hundreds of pastors and churches across the nation, helping them become more vital in reaching new people. She has authored more than a dozen books on church and leadership transformation. Kotan was the primary creator of the Small Church Initiative under the HCI process.