Jaye Johnson: Missional Accountability – Focusing on What God Desires

While we find struggling churches in different contexts, theological backgrounds, sizes, and cultures, declining congregations have one thing in common: A palpable lack of focus on what God desires. They have collectively ceased seeking God’s plan for their congregations and communities. Conversely, all thriving churches have leaders fearlessly living in God’s purpose, both individually and collectively as a congregation.

Missional Accountability is a critical key to reversing that trend. Missional Accountability is looking over one another and the church in love to make sure that together we stay focused on joining God in redeeming the world. Missional Accountability keeps the leaders motivated and supported as they grow in their relationship to God, one another, and the mission. Missional accountability blossoms in the dynamic intersection where spiritual growth (the vehicle), leadership (the driver), and purpose (the destination) converge.

This workshop will discuss each of these three areas of the journey of missional Accountability and offer ideas of how to begin assessing where a congregation can begin to take steps toward missional Accountability.

Jaye Johnson serves as the Director of Congregational Excellence for the Iowa Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. In addition to teaching at The University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, Jaye is a trained clergy coach, consultant and workshop facilitator.



Mar 31 2022


11:00 am - 12:00 pm



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