Kay Kotan & Michael Scott: Turning Your Church Inside Out

As a child, we were taught that the church was the building. While we intellectually understand that the church is the people, a congregation often makes decisions that lead us to believe that perhaps this is not the case. As we evert the church model for the postmodern, post-Christian world, we need to evert-turn inside-out many of our thoughts and beliefs about how we go about “doing” church. This is NOT about changing our beliefs but about changing how we engage in ministry.

Our neighbors seek hope, meaning, and a sense of community and belonging. Mental health is in crisis with staggering levels of depression and anxiety. During this session, Kay Kotan and Michael Scott will unpack resources for the ever-emerging church in the American culture. If the church is to be relevant, compelling, and faithful in its commission to reach new people, we must embrace these trends and plot a new course to navigate them in our local contexts. 

There is no more waiting. The time is now. The mission is too important to delay any longer.


Sep 14 2022


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm



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