Rebekah Simon-Peter: The Three S’s of Growing Churches

Will we ever attract youth and young adults again? Will we ever live and minister in ways that affect the community around us?

In this webinar, Rebekah Simon-Peter, author of Dream Like Jesus, discusses the three “s’s” needed for churches to grow. Rebekah will discuss the urgency for churches to be spiritual, social, and of service. According to Simon-Peter, these S’s are at the heart of what it means to be a community. Not only do they capture the call of the Gospel, but they also speak to the loneliness epidemic in the world and to the needs of young people. Churches that intentionally incorporate all 3 S’s build a solid foundation for multi-generational growth, spiritual growth, connectedness, and belonging.

Known for teaching leaders how to bring out the best in the people who frustrate them the most, Rebekah’s work transforms church leaders and the congregations they serve. Rebekah is the author of Forging a New Path: Moving the Church Forward in a Post-Pandemic World (Market Square Publishers, 2022), Dream Like Jesus®, The Jew Named JesusGreen ChurchGreen Church Leader Guide, and 7 Simple Steps to Green Your Church.


Oct 26 2023


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm



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