The list below represents recorded versions of our online classes. Please scroll down the list to see classes in alphabetical order, by instructor(s). A CEU Certificate will be sent to those who purchase the video within 48 hours to allow time for viewing.


Dan Pezet: Moving from People-Pleasing to Vision-Driven


Dan Pezet is a district superintendent and missional strategist for the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. He’s a favorite webinar leader and you’ll come away with information that will help you in your daily walk as a clergyperson.

We all want to move toward a more vision driven church.and we all know that you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Knowing those things, it’s no wonder that People Pleasing Churches enter into decline.

This video will help you learn to identify characteristics of a People Pleasing church and explore ways to move toward a more healthy, Vision Driven church.

Dan Pezet offers practical guidance for your community and local church, discerning your specific lead role, and connecting your lead role to the needs of your community. Bishop R. Lawson Bryan

Churches desperately need to fall in love with their communities again. Dan Pezet provides clear and innovative steps to guide congregations. Lovett Weems, Jr.
Wesley Theological Seminary

As a fruitful and effective church planter, Dan Pezet shares a successful discipleship system generating spiritual leaders who create a community of relationships inspired by a passion for new Christian disciples. Bishop Paul Leeland



Teresa Stewart: Building with Strengths for Small Congregations


Small congregations are not miniaturized big congregations. They have different challenges. Fortunately, they also have different strengths–ones that are deeply forming, urgently needed, and generally unavailable in big settings. Learn how to build with these strengths and stop imitating models that never fit to begin with.

  • How to work beyond the limits of big-setting, top-down, program thinking.
  • How to go local and nimble (like the gospel itself).
  • When to use tools like wagering leadership, messy conversation, hands-on contact, and co-creator gifts.
  • The why of digital ministry in a post-pandemic world.
  • The theological basis for digital ministry.
  • How to put your attention on where it matters.
  • Practical and doable steps to take digital ministry to the next level.


Olu Brown: Growing Your Church by Becoming Part of the Community


60 minutes– What are the keys to growing a local church? Well, there are many. Olu Brown has watched his congregation grow into a dynamic “megachurch” in Atlanta, and Rev. Brown credits becoming a part of the community as a chief factor in growing the church.

What can your church do to become more aligned with your surrounding community? What can you do, as a pastor, to become a more connected part of your community? And is there anything we can do during this COVID-19 period to show our commitment to the community?

Join us as Olu Brown addresses the topic, “Growing a Church by Becoming Part of the Community.”



Wil Cantrell & Friends: Getting Your Church Online


60 Minutes – It’s a trying time for everyone right now, including the church. We keep hearing we need to offer online services, but a lot of us either 1) don’t know what technology is available and how to use it or 2) know what software to use, but aren’t sure how to create a meaningful service online.

We’ll be joined by:

– Wil Cantrell, pastor of Concord (TN) & author of Unafraid & Unashamed, who will discuss the focus and strategy of online worship
– Glenna Manning, Pastor of Discipleship at Concord UMC, who will discuss strategies for leading small groups and bible studies online.
– Skip White, Pastor of Trinity UMC in Athens, TN, who will discuss the best methods to take the small church online
– Daniel Shifflett, Technical Director & Professional Musician, who will discuss what you need and don’t need to do church online


Getting Your Church Online



Wil Cantrell Video: Answering Your Call as Associate Pastor


60 Minutes – Wondering how to fulfill your ministry calling when you’re not in charge? Join us to discuss unique opportunities and challenges faced by associate pastors.

Wil Cantrell serves as the Associate Pastor of Concord United Methodist Church in Farragut, TN. Wil’s driving passion is to help people live an authentic life while experiencing a real growing faith in Jesus Christ. Previously, he served as the associate pastor at Middlebrook Pike UMC and as the pastor of Lebanon Memorial UMC (Lebanon, VA) before coming to Concord UMC in July 2015.

You may recognize Wil’s name from his bestselling books, Unafraid and Unashamed and From Heaven to Earth.

Wil Cantrell: Serving as Associate Pastor


Bishop Ken Carder Video: Lessons Shared From 50 Years in Ministry

$20       55 Minutes

Bishop Carder has served churches in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Bristol, Tennessee, Abingdon, Virginia and Knoxville and Oak Ridge, Tennessee. While in Oak Ridge, he helped initiate an ongoing dialogue between scientists and theologians, including a dialogue between members of the Council of Bishops, on In Defense of Creation. He continues an interest in science/technology and theology/ethics. In addition to dialogue between science and theology, Ken has special commitment to Wesley studies, prison ministries, racial and economic justice, and ministry with those who live in poverty.

During this one-hour webinar, Bishop Carder will share some of the most important insights he has learned in his 50 years in ministry. The hour will seem like ten minutes. Don’t show up late.

Bishop Ken Carder: Lessons in Ministry




Kay Kotan: 10 Common Practices That Keep Churches From Growning


55 Minutes – Kay Kotan is an extremely popular speaker, consultant and expert in the areas of church growth and leadership Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Kay as she discusses the most common things congregations do to stunt their growth.

Come explore the top ten most commonly found things that stunt the growth and vitality of the church. Through more than a decade of coaching and consulting with churches and pastors across the nation, Kay Kotan will identify the top growth stumbling blocks she has uncovered in church after church.

Gather your team to hear the top ten list and evaluate where your church might be stunted in its growth.


Kay Kotan: 10 Common Practices That Keep Churches From Growing



Kay Kotan & Phil Schroeder Video: Launching Leaders

$20       55 Minutes

Kay Kotan and Phil Schroeder are “household names” when it comes to leadership development in the local congregation.

Leaders do not develop just because we want leaders developed. Leaders develop because we have an intentional, step-by-step process to ensure the best possible outcome.

As you take off on this journey of launching leaders, you will encounter five different levels of leadership development. This will be the development process within each session that in turn shifts the way of being and doing life.

Five Levels of Leadership Development:

  • Ponder Check you Gauges
  • Provoke Start your Engines
  • Process Take Off
  • Probe Climbing and Soaring
  • Practice Taxi

In Addition to the Five Levels:

  • Potential Resources Flight Simulators

Kay Kotan & Phil Maynard: Launching Leaders


Kay Kotan & Jason Mackey: Extending Hospitality on Camera (during COVID-19)


55  Minutes – Okay, we’ve launched a virtual worship experience. That’s great! A sermon, prayers, maybe a song or two. But worship doesn’t end there. Your members, and probably a good number of newcomers, will be joining your online worship experience.

Now is the opportunity to think about what additional elements need to be added to the experience. Join us to chat about practical tips for hospitality and connection during a virtual worship experience.


Kay Kotan & Jason Mackey: Extending Hospitality on Camera


Bishop Sharma Lewis Video: Preaching for Lent and Easter

$20       60 Minutes

Lenten preaching is especially important, as visitors and regular attenders prepare for the upcoming Easter celebration.

Bishop Sharma Lewis, Virginia Annual Conference, will lead this online class related to preaching during Lent and Easter. Bishop Lewis is author of “Journey to Transformation: A 2020 Lenten Study.”  In this session, Bishop Lewis will discuss styles of preaching, preparation, and share some of her favorite themes related to Lent and Easter.

Following her presentation, Bishop Lewis answered questions from the live audience, which are included in the recording.



Rebekah Simon-Peter Video: Getting Your Congregation to Dream Like Jesus

$20       60 Minutes

Rebekah Simon-Peter is passionate about reconnecting spiritual leaders with their God-given powers to co-create miracles with the divine. Her award-winning program, Creating a Culture of Renewal®, has energized church leaders across the country to reclaim their calling and to grow their ministries. Rebekah is also the author of The Jew Named Jesus, Green Church, and 7 Simple Steps to Green Your Church.

Rebekah invites you to take the next step. Lead your congregation as they come to know Jesus, and themselves, in a whole new way. It’s time to meet your own power. To discover your own birthright. To claim your own blessing. It’s time to dream like Jesus. And time to share that dream with the people you love, teach, and lead.

Rebekah Simon-Peter: Dream Like Jesus