Rachel Gilmore & Kay Kotan: Leading Your Church Through Advent

Kevin Newsguru

Advent is the perfect opportunity to offer your congregation the possibility to slow down, take in the season, its meaning, feed their souls, and perhaps even some time of reflection.  Especially during this time of concern related to COVID-19, opportunities to practice means of grace take on new meaning.  More than ever, people are searching for meaning and purpose.  Don’t miss … Read More

Charles Maynard: A Storyteller Looks at the Parables

Kevin Newsguru

Charles Maynard is a lot of things to a lot of people. To some, he’s the author of several books on the mountains and historical characters. To some, he’s author of United Methodist books like Tidings of Comfort and Joy and A Storyteller Looks at the Parables. To others, he’s a pastor at one of the largest United Methodist congregations, … Read More

Kay Kotan: Game Changers of the Post-Pandemic Church

Kevin Newsguru

“Being the church pre pandemic looked different than what it will take to be the church post pandemic – especially if you are looking to be a vital and effective church. Come explore the nine practices the church must fully embrace to thrive in the post pandemic world. Kay Kotan is a professionally credentialed coach who has coached hundreds of … Read More

Rebekah Simon Peter: The “Post-Pandemic” Normal: Inspiring your congregation to take leaps of faith during uncertain times


2020 is unlike any other year, and the Church continues to deal with the changes experienced over the past year. As we begin to think about life post-pandemic, it’s important to begin taking leaps of faith as the “new normal” creates new challenges for the Church. January 20, Rebekah Simon-Peter will lead us in a webinar for church leaders and … Read More